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Dirty Curve by Meagan Brandy

Hello, lovelies. I am back with another Meagan Brandy Review!

Star baseball player Tobias needs a tutor in order to continue to play, and the coach, who is like a father to Tobias, sets it up so that Meyer has to tutor him. Meyer is the tutor exclusively for athletes at their college and her schedule is wiped clean so she can spend as much time with Tobias as he needs. She also gets paid way more for tutoring him than any of the other players. As they spend time together, they enjoy each others company and Tobias finds out not just one, but two secrets Meyer has been hiding. Will they be able to navigate their way through these secrets?

I really liked how by the end of the book Meyer stands up for, not only herself, but her daughter as well. Tobias, who has spent his whole life trying to compete with his brother, learns that what he is doing in life is amazing and just because he isn’t a doctor like his brother, doesn’t mean what he does is any less important. My favorite part of this book is when Tobias found out about Bailey. He was instantly accepting, and didn’t shame her, or make her feel like it was a mistake that she got pregnant, and he wanted to be around the both of them and did what he could so Meyer could take Bailey with her to their tutoring sessions. My least favorite part has to be anything with Tobias’ parents up until his mom finds and talks to Meyer, and wants to fix her relationship with her son. Another thing I hated was anytime the coach blackmailed Meyer so she would do what he wanted her to do. I plan on doing an entire reading spree of Meagan Brandy books, because so far, I have not found one I did not love. Also, I can’t be the only one who was confused at the beginning about who the coach was to Meyer, right? I have in my notes “is it her actual dad, or her baby daddy?”

My question for you today: Who did you think the Coach was to Meyer throughout the book?


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