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Ten Trends to Seduce Your Best Friend by Penny Reid

Happy Valentine’s Day you beautiful people! I don’t have the review I was originally planning to post for you all today for this lovely holiday, but I do believe it is quite a cute love story still!

Winnifred, or Winnie as we will be calling her for the remainder of this review, and Byron, are definitely not friends. They have had the same friends since college, but they are definitely not friends. Winnie is a public school science teacher, and Byron is a world-famous bestselling fiction author, and he happens to have two PhD’s. Due to this, Winnie is always feeling like whenever she is around Byron and she says anything, he is very judgemental of her, and she has convinced herself that he hates her. Winnie goes live on her instagram account weekly doing science experiments that are geared towards trying to get women engaged in STEM. During one of her lives, her roommate comes home and brings Byron back with her and he happens to stumble in the background of her live and all the comments go wild about him. She quickly ends the live and leaves the room. Later her roommate convinces her to try out for the social media influencer role for her company, but says she needs to get more followers and comes up with a plan to help her. At first Winnie is very hesitant because not everything is about STEM related topics, but she caves, and they convince one of their friends that Winnie has a crush on to help her. But the friend decides he is going to go off script. Bryon is there to witness it all and it irritates him, so he steps in and helps, and then decides he will be the one to help her with her social media. They struggle with their feelings, and with their assumptions of one another, and at times it is a bit rocky. At one point, they are having dinner to meet a friends girl friend and Bryon and Winnie get into a little bit of a disagreement, and Byron blurts out that he likes her, and Winnie doesn’t believe him. Winnie struggles with this and can’t see how he likes her with how he treats her, but she can’t help but develop some feelings for him as well. She feels like she will get hurt, so she just tries to push her feelings away, but that is so much easier said than done with the challenges they are to do for her social media. I don’t want to give any more away because I think this book is amazing, and I want you to read it, but it definitely is a wild ride, and its a super fun book to read! I loved that we got to see women in STEM, because, and maybe it’s because I’m not picking the right books, but I feel like we don’t see it quite as often as we should, and one thing you don’t know about me, is that I absolutely LOVE science!

I feel like both characters had a lot of growing up to do, and they were both extremely stubborn, and at time insensitive to the other, and had to learn to work through that. I feel like both characters grew, not necessarily for each other, but for themselves, and were better at the end. Byron had to learn, that while he wanted to be honest and just say things how they were, he needed to learn to be empathetic and say it gently otherwise it came off as him being an asshole, and Bryons growth was definitely my favorite! I cannot wait to read more books by Penny Reid! I absolutely loved this book and thought it was absolutely amazing! I am giving it 5/5 stars!

What is your favorite part about books with women in STEM? Or just women in STEM in general?


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