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Radiant Sin by Katee Robert

One of my favorite writers is Katee Robert, because she writes great spicy content and is one of my favorite humans. I picked up Radiant Sin at B&N the other day and knew I had to read it, and it was everything I wanted!

This is the story of Cassandra and Apollo, and they have to fake date to infiltrate a weeklong party hosted by Minos to figure out his intentions as a newcomer to Olympus. Of course, like any good fake dating story, they decide to cash in on the sex benefits of a fake relationship but the story takes a turn when Cassandra’s life is threatened and it becomes obvious that this party is a ruse that could turn deadly for someone attending. Apollo and Cassandra figure out the plot of the party and they try to stop the devastating consequences, but they are too late and Minos’s family is able to weasel it’s way into the framework of Olympus–The Thirteen. 

Listen, I am an absolute fake dating fanatic. One of my favorite tropes is fake dating, and when I realized that this would be part of this story, I was stoked. Of course, as an avid Katee Robert fan, I knew that this was the “Katee Robert version of a slow burn” so of course I went into it a little scared, but this book was great. The intimate scenes didn’t feel forced or rushed, and the whole story was just so much fun to read. I also enjoy how Katee Robert does such a good job adapting the myths into the present and I honestly giggled when Hermes told Cassandra that nobody would believe her. 

As always, there were some things that didn’t quite hit the mark with me. As I said before, I knew this was a “slow burn” and I despise slow burns, so I was very worried. Of course, I am always a proponent of more spice, but I understood the use of a slower romance in this story. I also felt like I was part of a bait-and-switch with Hermes, because we only see her as a fun-loving, mischievous, quirky woman and this story definitely painted Hermes as more of a villain. It caused a lot of confusion in my brain because I thought I had Hermes’s personality figured out but now I don’t know what to think about her. 

As a whole, I liked this book and I will continue to stan Katee Robert and count down the days until Cruel Seduction comes out (123 days but who’s counting?). I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars, and I look forward to what’s next!

Did you already know the myths surrounding Cassandra before this book? How did you feel about the relationship between Apollo and Cassandra? What are your thoughts on Hermes after this book?

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