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Wrong For Me by Meagan Brandy

Back with another review from my favorite, Meagan Brandy! This book was a bit of a ride for me, but I loved every damn second of it, so buckle up, and let’s get to it!

We start this book out from Alec’s POV when he was only ten. This is when he met Oakley. He wants to be friends with her, and thinks that she should be his friend because he saw her first, but when Rowan comes along and captures her attention, he is upset and becomes her enemy. She falls for Rowan but he keeps her at arm’s length. When Alec turns eighteen, he leaves, and she doesn’t know where he goes. A couple years go by and Oakley and Rowan are still close, and she is like super into this dude. Oakley works for her dad’s firefighting company, and Rowan is going to the classes to try and pass the test. Oakleys dad is gone on some work trip, and Oakley is in charge of the business, or so she thinks. She realizes when she gets in one day and figured out Alec is back, that he is in charge. Rowan tries to play alpha dog and show Oakley that they are great together, but still keeps her at arms length while stringing her along like a douche, and it pisses Alec off. There is a weird cryptic message from Oakley’s dad telling her that Alec will be staying with her, and he will protect her. This pisses both her and Rowan off. Some dumb bitch shows up, and we all soon find out that it’s Alec’s wife and we all hate him for a bit. We get a few short moments of happiness between Alec and Oakley, but it doesn’t feel like enough, especially with dumb bitch always around. Then we get an update that Oakley’s dad was killed. Oakley realizes that “the blaze” isn’t just some elite group of firefighters and starts digging up info on them. 

This book was a wild ride, and a bit different from books I typically will choose to read, but at the same time, exactly what I love to read. I don’t know how to explain it other than it was just the perfect way to explain a Meagan Brandy book. I really didn’t like Rowan at all in this book. I really wanted to love him, simply because his name is Rowan (iykyk) but I just wanted him to fail at everything because was just a jackass to Oakley and Alec, and while yes, he was upset, that still doesn’t justify it. In the end, I do think he ended up being a good person, and how he did at the end made me feel alright with him, but for a few seconds even after what he did, I still hated him, until I realized that made me the asshole. I was so shocked when Alec’s wife showed up, and I absolutely hated it when he moved that dumb bitch into Oakleys house, like excuse me? Ugh. This book had me so frustrated, but I also couldn’t put it down! You all know I love Meagan Brandy by now and I will happily read whatever that woman writes! I gave this book 5/5 stars, there were times I thought I was going to give it less, but I ended up being obsessed with this book! 

Why did you think Havannah was avoiding talking to Oakley? 

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