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Does it Hurt?

Does it Hurt? by H.D. Carlton, a standalone dark romance with crazy plot twists and haunting moments leading to an eventual HEA

I know H.D. Carlton has been the subject of some hate recently, but this is my third book by Carlton (Cat and Mouse duet previously) and I have to say, she does not miss. Does it Hurt? follows Sawyer, an American girl on the run in Australia. She is stealing people’s identities so she doesnt get caught, because she will be extradited if she is found. She sleeps with men and then steals their identities. One night, she meets Enzo, and she follows her usual pattern, but this time she feels bad. But uh-oh, he found out, and when they cross paths again, they end up ship wrecked and trapped on an island where only the odd lighthouse operator lives, surrounded by ghosts, and unable to leave until the next supply boat comes in a month. This book includes a bunch of sharks, scary moments, and I don’t recommend reading after dark! 

I absolutely loved the love between Sawyer and Enzo, and this book kept me hooked with the plot and the character development. Both Sawyer and Enzo have rough backstories (no spoilers!) and seeing them come together is wonderful, even if its a little dysfunctional. Not only did I like the romance, but the plot was so interesting and unlike anything I’d read before! H.D. Carlton has such a way with writing that makes me want to read these books that I would normally stay away from (scary stories are not my vibe lol). Of course, every book is not without its downsides, and I think I would’ve liked this book more if there had been a little more tragedy in Enzo’s backstory, because I felt like his actions/words just werent justified to the same degree that Sawyer’s were as the reader. Regardless, I am stoked to keep reading H.D. Carlton, just maybe when I have the lights on 🙂 

Do you think Enzo’s actions are understandable once you find out about his past? Did you see the crazy plot twist coming? Do you think Sawyer and Enzo did the right thing at the end to protect Sawyer?


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